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Rental Conditions

Rental conditions


Ø The material can be delivered to the recipient's home with travel costs that vary depending on the distance, the means used and the personnel required for unloading, (see DELIVERY METHOD FILE).

Ø The unloading will be carried out by our staff on the ground floor of the place of delivery; any different situations must be communicated at the time of the order.

Ø Upon delivery, the customer will guarantee the equipment delivered to him.

Ø For the rental of gas or electric equipment, the presence of an employee is required who will take a look at how to switch on and off and the perfect functioning of the material.

Ø Any missing or broken pieces (also includes breakage, chipping, dents and tears) at the time of collection of the material will be charged to the purchase invoice list.

Ø The material will be delivered clean, packed and sterilized, in the appropriate containers, and collected dirty.

Ø The material must be reinserted in the appropriate containers, following the exact number written in the containers or cases. Then they will have to be placed in the most comfortable part for reloading.

Ø The washing of the material itself is at our expense, the counting of the goods will be carried out by us on site.

Ø For your own safety, the goods must be checked by you at the time of delivery, and before collection, together with our employee.

Ø Any disputes of the material must be submitted within the day of delivery, in this case the material itself will be replaced at no additional cost.

Ø Travel expenses will be added for disputes received in the days following the replacement of the material.


Ø rented and unused equipment must be paid as agreed.

Ø We do not grant Suspended, we only rent with advance payments, we accept credit cards, Pay Pal, company checks, balance on unloading by credit card or debit card, we also have the Pay-by-link service pay in total safety in any case contact our customer service, and ask for clarifications;.

Ø If you need to block rental goods for a specific date, a 30% deposit is required (Ref. Invoice), otherwise the goods are not committed for us, we consider them free.

Ø If the rented goods do not fall within the established date you will be charged 80% more from the total invoice for each day until the day of return.


Ø The equipment is covered by third party liability insurance.