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Arrangements for a wedding
17 Mar

Arrangements for a wedding

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the secret of an unforgettable party

Do you know when you say "the eye also wants its part?" Why shouldn't we be worth the same for your most special day? The settings of a wedding are an essential part of its magic. Not only the most striking ones, but also the most minute details will contribute to the realization of an unforgettable event.

wedding set-up

Organizing a wedding can be particularly complex and exhausting, but taking care of all its aspects in detail, the final result will be extraordinary; for this reason it is important to rely on professionals who know how to better manage the needs of the spouses. In fact, all the spouses only concern the best for their special day, the most important of their lives. So the only way to make every detail of the ceremony impeccable is to leave nothing to chance. In the case of set-ups, let's be sure to select every decoration and every accessory with criteria and always in accordance with the general theme chosen for the occasion. If once we paid less attention to details such as centerpieces, place cards and wedding invitations and very often it was the owners of the location who chose them, today wedding design is an essential part of the organization of the same.

But where to start? It is essential to pay attention to the settings of a wedding to recreate the atmosphere and magic.

The spouses tend to reflect their personality and their way of understanding love: both of these points must be taken into consideration before starting.

Establish a central theme

To give harmony it is essential to choose a common thread that connects each setting: the location, the church, the wedding invitations. This is a fundamental choice in which it is good to dare to vent your creativity, taking into account the available budget. For example, you may prefer a color: the most popular are green, the color of hope, pale pink, the romantic and neutral color that suits everything or red, the color of passion.

central theme of a wedding

In this case, the chosen color range will prevail over tables and decorations and will be the main color of the staging and present in every single detail. Alternatively, the choice can follow the theme: some spouses choose themes inspired by their favorite films, but also by a historical era; in this case, the fifties are the most chosen. But also the sea, the sky, the fairy tales: there are infinite possibilities, as many as there are couples in the world. Finally, the whole wedding can be defined according to a style, rustic, chabby, modern; also in this case it will be better to be inspired for the whole installation.

Decorations and customizations

wedding decorations

Given the importance of everything, it is always good to let yourself be guided by professionals in the sector, to a catering that takes care of all the details. In fact, very often the catering sets up the mise en place and the location in an impeccable way following the wishes of the spouses; finding the right supplier you can also request personalized accessories, perhaps with the names or faces of the couple. The right suppliers manage to create placeholders with the initials or photographs of the spouses, but also further customizations with phrases chosen by the spouses based on the theme of the event. If the bride and groom are DIY enthusiasts, they can take advantage of this attitude to create important elements of the set-up. However, it is important that they integrate with the global context, to prevent their craftsmanship from clashing with other decorations. This is because every single element contributes to recreate the atmosphere of the wedding making it perfect.

Church wedding arrangements

The first step of marriage, it is known, passes from the first step in the nave. The church is also the first moment for all the guests to confront the ceremony and represents a little "the window" of the wedding; in addition to the certainly significant choice of the church, also the way the church is decorated is representative of how the wedding was set up. For the moment of the ceremony in church there is a tacit rule: sobriety and elegance.

church set-up

We must also consider the architectural structure and plan of the church, as well as its lighting; moreover, before letting go of your imagination, take care to speak with the parish priest and understand what his intentions are in this matter. Once defined this, you can move on to practice: not only discreet floral arrangements, never too invasive, but also light drapes with which to adorn the central nave. If instead the church grants it, it is a good solution to take advantage of the lanterns from the ground. On the outside of the church, however, you can dare more.

Floral wedding arrangements

An old adage says that "flowers are the language of feelings"; and which code is better to use on the day that par excellence celebrates feelings? Floral arrangements must also consider and agree with the general theme, but the peculiarity of the latter are the means of expression that they offer to the spouses. Whether you want to take advantage of the floral waterfalls with which to frame your location or play with vases and containers, flowers amplify your possibilities for furnishing and increase the naturalness of the chromatism of your decorations. In addition, they create interesting variations on the theme; for example, it is possible to take advantage of a floral runner, a continuous and flowery table filler, if the table extends in length; this, instead of a centerpiece, will add a note of novelty and freshness to your wedding.

floral arrangement

Wedding table arrangements

When you think about table settings, keep one thing in mind: the table is the place where the guest at your wedding will spend most of the time. This means that he will keep in mind what you have created for these specific decorations: here too, the ideas are manifold and multifaceted. The most natural choice is always to focus on something thematic, in line with the other decorations; but you can also take advantage of the centerpiece for a small variation on the theme. They can be more particular things, such as for example small paintings of works of art loved by the couple, or vintage bottles or ampoules that contain flowers or, why not, always "green" based solutions such as small bonzai for each table. Therefore, make room for the various proposals and the various solutions (just a little idea: what about oil-screened lanterns, if the wedding is evening), but also here the advice is always to consult with your wedding planner or with your catering.

In conclusion…

These are just some of the little tips that we can offer you in terms of set-ups; if you want to go deeper, it is always good to talk about it with professionals. And if you are interested in renting wedding arrangements, we suggest you take a look here!

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